Phase I Trials Platform in Oncology, CITOHL


Director Dr You Benoît
Assistant Rippe Fabienne
Fabienne Rippe

Assistant of the university service, she is in charge of the secretariat, of the management of the bibliographical database. She is the link between the clinical, university and analytical teams
Clinical Freyer Gilles
Pr Gilles Freyer

Gilles Freyer, Professor of Cancer research in the South Lyon Hospital, is also a doctor in Sciences and graduate of in-depth studies in biological and medical ethics of the university Paris - Necker. Beside his activity in hospital, he leads an activity of research and teaching. As for the research he pilots the trial platform of phase I in cancer research which implies the service of Medical Oncology of the South Lyon Hospital and the team "Modelisation of tumor biology and optimisation cancer drug effects", the constituent of the EMR 3738 " Chemotherapy Targeting in Oncology " (director: Pr François-Noël GILLY, UFR Lyon-South Charles Mérieux, UCB Lyon 1). As regards the education, Gilles Freyer teaches the clinical cancer research and the human and social sciences at the University Lyon I. He is the author of various books of whom "Faire face au Cancer: l'espoir au quotidien".

You Benoît
Dr Benoît You

Benoit You is an academic staff physician working within Medical Oncology Department and Onco-Hematology phase 1 trial Unit at Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud. He is in charge of the medical oncology trials developed in collaboration with pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic laboratory (EMR 3738) of Faculté de médicine Lyon-Sud Charles Mérieux (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1).
Graduated from Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) in 2008, he is a medical oncologist. He has focused his research activity toward pharmacology (PK-PD), mathematic modeling, tumor marker kinetics and early drug development (phase I and phase II trials). During a 18 month fellowship at Drug Development Program of Princess Margaret Hospital (Toronto, Canada), one of the phase 1 trial centers funded by the US National Cancer Institute, Benoit You improved his skills in phase 1 trial designing and leading. Moreover he established strong collaborations with international collaborative groups including National Cancer Institute of Canada and Gynecology Oncology Group.
He is the first author of 8 pharmacology, modeling or drug development-related articles published in international journals. To lead his research projects, he has received 11 grants or awards including the Bourse Walter-Zelidja from Académie Française and Fellowship award from Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.

Maraval-Gaget Raymonde
Raymonde Maraval-Gaget

Finance Officer
Barrois Catherine Head of clinical research Office
Modelling Colomban Olivier
Olivier Colomban

Olivier Colomban (MSc in Applied Mathematics), Applied Mathematics and Modeling Engineer at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Biostatistician. After studies in mathematics and statistics he joined the EMR 3738 team in 2008. He is specialized in PK/PD modeling and biomarker analysis in oncology. In the past he was statistician at Mapi Registrat CRO (ex-Mapi Naxis) where he honed his skills in the analysis of clinical trials of late phases. Further clinical research he's the IT Manager of the unit.

MSc, Applied Mathematics and Modeling Engineer
Carrot Aurore
Carrot Aurore


MSc, Bio-engineer
Analytical Guitton Jérôme
Pr Jérôme Guitton

PharmD, PhD
Central Drug Preparation Unit Rioufol Catherine
Dr Catherine Rioufol

PharmD, PhD
Post-Doc Students Post-Doc
PhD Students Pauline Corbaux PhD
Students' Master M2R

The clinical haematology ward at South Lyon Hospital (Profs. B. COIFFIER and G. SALLES) has internationally renowned expertise in the field of therapeutic innovation, particularly with regards to the ‘Groupe d’Etude des lymphomes de l’adulte’ (GELA, adult lymphoma study group).
The visceral surgery ward of South Lyon (Profs. FN. Gilly and O. Glehen), one of the two most experienced centres in the world treating peritoneal carcinosis by intra-peritoneal chemohyperthermia (CHIP).
Institut de Cancérologie des Hospices Civils de Lyon (director: Prof. G. Freyer), which brings together all cancer services at the Hospices Civils de Lyon.
Comité de l'Ain de la Ligue Contre le Cancer
The cancer pole of Lyon-Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (CLARA)
Tumor Biology Laboratory (Pr Claire Rodriguez-Lafrasse), EMR 3738-équipe 4, Faculté de médecine Lyon-Sud, Oullins, France: Assessment of study drugs on cellular signaling pathways and measurements of tumor biomarkers.
Pharmacogenetic Laboratory (Dr Fabienne Thomas), EA 3035, Institut Claudius Regaud, Toulouse, France: Measurement of pharmacogenetic parameters.
Radiology Department (Pr Pierre-Jean Valette), Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, Pierre-Benite, France: CT-SCANNER, DCE-MRI, PET-FDG, BONE SCANS, Contrast-enhanced US… are available for radiological assessment of cancer patients within this academic department. Contracts have been developed for radiologically-guided biopsies in study patients enrolled in phase I & II trials.
Pathology Department (Pr Françoise Berger), Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, Pierre-Benite, France.
Statistics (Prof. René Ecochard), Faculté de médecine Lyon-Sud, OULLINS, France.
The medical oncology ward and C.A.C Dijon platform of phase I clinical trials (Pr. Pierre FUMOLEAU); a very fortunate collaboration.
The national group of investigators studying ovarian cancer (GINECO): the largest French collaborator group in gynaecological oncology. A strong activity in the field of therapeutic innovation.
Earlier development of antineoplastic agents with industry: SANOFI-AVENTIS, ASTRAZENECA, OPi, Nerviano Médical Sciences, ...
Modelling Tranchand Brigitte PhD Retraite
Girard Pascal PhD Industrie
Ribba Benjamin PhD Industrie
Hénin Emile PhD Calvagone
Tod Michel PhD
Past Students Dartois Céline PhD 2003-2006
Hénin Emilie Master 2004-2005, PhD 2005-2007
Testart Diane Master 2004-2005, Internat 2005
Colomban Olivier Master Pro 2004-2005, Master Recherche 2005-2006
Cotte Eddy Master Recherche 2004-2005
Mercier Cédric Thèse 2003-2007
Castellan Charlotte Master Recherche 2007-2008
Watkin Emmanuel Master Recherche 2007-2008
Lamnii Taha Master Recherche 2007-2008
Fontanilles Maxime Master Recherche 2008-2009
Lignet Floriane Master Recherche 2008-2009
Bernard Branka Post-Doc
Ternant David Post-Doc
Heudel Pierre Master Recherche 2009-2010
Bonnefois Guillaume Master Recherche 2009-2010
Wilbaux Mélanie Master M1 2009-2010, Master Recherche 2010-2011, PhD 2011-2014
You Benoît PhD 2007-2011
Paule Inès PhD 2007-2011
Quelin Arnaud Master Recherche 2011-2012
Sostelly Alexandre Master Recherche 2008-2009, PhD 2009-2012
Gérard Cécile Master Recherche 2007-2008, PhD 2008-2012
Xue Yufeng Master Recherche 2012-2013
Gervais Frédéric Master Recherche 2012-2013
Glatard Anaïs PharmD 2012-2013
Klervi Golhen Master Recherche 2013-2014
Olivia Le Saux Master Recherche 2014-2015
Philippe Pierrillas PhD 2013-2016
Emilie Molins Master Recherche 2015-2016
Sarra Benhenni Master Recherche 2015-2016
Emile Eichenlaub Master Recherche 2015-2016
Mevidette El-Madani PhD 2014-2017
Caroline Gervaise Master Recherche 2016-2017
Patrick Robelin Master Recherche 2017-2018
Florian Simon PhD 2017-2020
Pauline Mazzocco Post-Doc 2018-2019
Alicja Puszkiel Post-Doc 2019-2020
Aurore Carrot Master Professionnel 2020-2021