Phase I Trials Platform in Oncology, CITOHL

Structure of the team

Within the structure "Cancer - Gerland Lyon Sud" and the Cancer Institute of the Hospices Civils de Lyon, CITOHL (Therapeutic Investigation Center of Oncology and Hematology of Lyon) was established in 2010. Modern and original instrument, certified as an early phase trial Center by INCa (Institut National du Cancer, the French NCI ) as CLIP2 center, the platform wants to be at the service of patients, industry and medical progress.

At the European level, the "Claude Bernard University and Hospices Civils de Lyon HCL/UCBL platform of phase I trials" is the first of its kind, bringing together on the same site all the skills and technologies necessary for earlier preclinical and clinical development of antineoplastic agents.

As a result of a close working partnership between Hospices Civils de Lyon and Claude Bernard University, the pharmaceutical industry now has easy access to multiple skills in the areas of clinical oncology, pharmacology and mathematical modelling of therapeutic effects.

The platform is run by a team of experienced clinicians and researchers in a high level technological environment. Our principal motivation is therapeutic innovation by means of development of original methodology, innovation giving hope to patients suffering from cancer.

The platform is coupled with the research team EA 3738 Centre pour l'Innovation en Cancérologie de LYon (CICLY), labeled by HCERES for the period 2021-2025